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Team Introduce

Team motto: Method always compares difficulty much, Always be moving forward, and success will come.


Our team:  Sammi+ Sheena+ Lisa



Major in garment and textile engineering in college. I have been stay at factory half year as my first job; the 2nd one is been stay at a buying office of Holland in Hangzhou more than 8 years as Senior Merchandiser. After that, I was joinin Kimhaie since 2014 as Team leader.

Many years working experience of the children's clothing, let me have accumulated some knowledge of the knitted, woven garments, such as the material, printing, emb. Garment washing and Garment dying….etc.



My major is internationaltrade , as a knit garment merchandiser for two years. My  working experience of woven garment is limited, but I will try my best to do everything; The patience、positive attitude 、hard-working will make me more professional.

Because has the experience of the knit freign trade, so sensitive to the fabric colors.


Educational background:Zhe Jiang Sci-Tech University, School of Foreign Language As a parodox of a quiet and outgoing girl, I enjoy the process of communication with various people, especially in foreign language, switching between two different thingking pattens.When communicating with the customer ora stranger, I can always keep calm and patient.With special interest and enthusiasm in blazer, I love and will always love what I’m doing about garment industry.